Premier UK-wide, Real Capital Student Investment Fund

Insight Driven Investment

ODT Capital is a premier UK-wide, real capital Student Investment Fund, providing both education and exposure to financial markets and investment strategies through research, financial modelling and monthly stock pitches. With representation from universities across the United Kingdom and Europe, we aim to provide students looking to pursue a career in the financial sector with unparalleled experience and opportunity.

Our dedicated team of 40 Analysts, Associates and Vice-Presidents work together to produce high-quality, in depth corporate analysis to fuel insight-driven investment. The fund is currently long equity and government debt only.

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Our Sectors

Each of our six sectors is led by a dedicated Vice-President supported by an Associate and four Analysts. 

The teams operate on an independent basis, meeting weekly to discuss current market conditions, oversee the sector portfolio and pitch new ideas.

The sector teams meet monthly to review potential new investment options with the Committee and each other.

Latest Research

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*ODT Capital does not provide financial advice and any information is exclusively for educational purposes. ODT Capital is not regulated by the FCA or any associated body.

Committee 2023/24


Oliver Daniels

University of Cambridge


Oliver Turton

University College London


Mark Voice

Durham University

Head of Sponsorship

Ellen Blaine

University of Cambridge

Head of Investments

Adam Best

University of Birmingham