The energy sector constitutes one of largest global economic engines, and it is continuing to expand. It contributes approximately 20% of global GDP and employs upwards of 10% of the workforce. This boom has been exacerbated by a desire for energy security as well as rising energy demand. Production and distribution of electricity, natural gas, and petroleum products; transportation fuels such as gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel; energy conservation; alternative energy sources such as wind power; and nuclear power plants are all aspects of the energy sector.

Rares Ionescu


Rares Ionescu leads the Energy team, having previously been an Associate in Industrials. He has prior experience in M&A Consulting at PwC, has worked in Tech Boutique IB at Blu Capital and will work at Barclays as an IB summer analyst. He studies Finance at Bocconi and comes from Romania.

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