Consumer retail is the world's largest commercial sector. It generates more than 50% of all retail sales and contributes roughly 15% to the world's GDP. The consumer retail industry includes businesses that sell products directly to customers, including those in the food, fashion, household goods, and furniture sectors in addition to electronics shops, department stores, bookstores, restaurants, and hotel chains.

Harry Gallagher


Harry Gallagher is in his fourth year studying Economics at University of Bath. Harry completed a placement year at Local Pensions Partnerships Investments, working as an analyst for their externally managed equities portfolio.

He has participated in numerous stock pitch competitions, along with serving as an analyst for the Industrials team for ODT Capital.

Jaden Mighten


Jaden Mighten is currently in his second year studying Economics at LSE. He has secured spring internships at a number of high-profile firms including Blackstone and Standard Chartered, as well as a summer internship at Scotiabank.


Leo Nayet

Alex Ackroyd

Po Han Lim

Antoine Bechon




University of Paris