The Committee, consisting currently of five members, is primarily concerned with the general operation of the fund, managing monthly meetings, sanctioning and placing trades and organising events and sponsorship opportunities. They, along with the team of Vice Presidents, are responsible for recruitment.

Oliver Daniels


Oliver Daniels is a third-year student reading Medicine at Downing College, University of Cambridge. As Co-Founder of ODT Capital, Oliver has played a crucial role in both the organisation and management of the fund as ODT Capital seeks to establish itself as the premier real-capital Investment Fund for UK students.

Oliver also has a wealth of financial experience, currently serving as Senior Editor for the UK's largest student finance publication, Cambridge Market Insights, and having completed internships at BNP Paribas and Torch Partners, which he joined in the Investment Banking Division in Summer 2023. He has accepted a further internship at BNP Paribas in Leveraged Finanace for 2024.

Outside of work, Oliver enjoys playing rugby at both college and university levels. 

Oliver Turton


Oliver Turton is a third-year Economics student at University College, London. Through Co-Founding ODT Capital, Oliver has worked to develop and refine many of the current investment strategies used by the fund along with selecting each of the six sectors of focus in the firm.

Oliver has an excellent technical ability and strong drive: completing a summer internship at Raymond James and recently accepting an Investment Banking Summer Analyst offer from Goldman Sachs. He previously held positions at Bloomsbury Capital, the UCL Student Investment Fund.

In his free time, Oliver is passionate about both weightlifting and running, completing a marathon earlier this year.

Adam Best

Head of Investments

Adam Best is a third-year undergraduate student at the University of Birmingham studying Money, Banking and Finance. He previously served as an Analyst at the University of Birmingham Investment and Finance Society before joining ODT Capital.

Adam was a Vice-President in the Industrials team, and worked on pitches including Forvia and Carlisle prior to joining the committee as Head of Investments.

Ellen Blaine

Head of Sponsorship

Ellen Blaine is a third-year undergraduate student at Downing College, University of Cambridge, reading Medicine. She currently leads the sponsorship team at ODT Capital.

Ellen has a great deal of experience dealing with large corporations and potential sponsors, being invited to both Morgan Stanley and T. Rowe Price before accepting an offer from Greenhill for a Summer Internship in the Investment Banking Division. Following this, Ellen has accepted a full-time offer from the bank, which she will be joining in 2024.

Ellen also serves as treasurer for the DCWNBFC, the college football team.

Mark Voice


Mark Voice is in his third year studying a Masters in Mathematics at Durham University. He is the current treasurer for ODT Capital and plays and important role in trade management.

Mark is exceptional at programming and has built many of the algorithms which the firm currently uses in risk management. He has secured a summer internship in Sales & Trading at BNP Paribas

He also plays football and has a keen interest in chess in his spare time.