About Us

Education through Experience

Through in-depth research, financial modelling and monthly stock pitches, ODT Capital provides both education and exposure to financial markets and investment strategies. With representation from universities across the United Kingdom and Europe, we aim to provide students looking to pursue a career in the financial sector with unparalleled experience and opportunity.

Our dedicated team of over 40 Analysts, Associates and Vice-Presidents work together to produce high-quality, in depth corporate analysis to fuel insight-driven investment. The fund is currently long equity and government debt only.

Our Structure

Our Investment Research Team


Analysts are placed within a sector team, pitching a stock each month for the fund to consider investing in - supporting each pitch with rigorous and detailed valuations, thus providing a unique opportunity to develop your understanding of technical skills and theoretical financial concepts. 


Associates usually have some form of previous experience in the financial industry and can use this knowledge to help their team in both choosing and pitching stocks. They are crucial in supporting the work of the Vice-President and should be comfortable leading the team and organising meetings.


Vice-Presidents have significant experience in the sector they lead and independently manage and organise their teams, serving as both a mentor and supervisor. They provide an important link between the committee and each sector team.


The Committee is mostly concerned with the broader operation of the fund, managing general meetings, sanctioning and placing trades and organising events and sponsorship opportunities. The Committee, along with the VP team, are responsible for recruitment.


Why ODT Capital

Experience and Opportunity

ODT Capital holds a wealth of experience across a wide range of financial sectors. Through hands on experiences researching companies, building financial models and pitching investment strategies, we provide an comprehensive platform to build a strong foundation for a career in finance. 

Our approach which provides students with the resources and guidance necessary to lead stock pitches, build DCF models and understand current macroeconomic conditions all whilst remaining largely independent and free to pursue investing strategies of their choice is at the forefront of why our team is successful both internally and externally.

Unique Culture

Our unique structure which enables teams to work independently of each other combined with our cohort from universities across the United Kingdom and Europe enables us to exchange ideas, collaborate and work successfully as a unified society.

With two experienced members per team, we offer analysts support in improving their understanding and skills, whilst still enabling them the opportunity to lead stock pitches and conduct independent research.

The ability to network with equally motivated and ambitious students is common across many student investment funds, however the breadth and diversity of our team allows for an unparalleled opportunity to speak to students interested in finance and investing from across the world, providing the platform to build strong and successful relationships.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on our belief in meritocracy, and this philosophy guides many of our decisions. To this end, we interview all of our members in order to better understand their strengths and experiences. We want to work with the best students from across the world, regardless of their background, university or experience. 

We look for candidates who share our key values:

We're proud that our members have secured internships and full-time offers at: