With a total GDP of $6.1 trillion, the industrials sector is one of the largest in the world. The sector encompasses a diverse range of businesses, from large manufacturing firms such as General Motors to small craft businesses. Manufacturing (which accounts for roughly one-third of total industry output) and transportation equipment are the two largest components of the industrials sector. The sector is also heavily dependent on life cycles, which see different sub-sectors in growth phases and other in decline.

Kester Low


Kester Low is in his second year studying Geography with Economics at LSE. Kester previously served as an Analyst on the Consumer/Retail team, where he won joint Best Analyst for the 22/23 cycle. He has also previously completed VC/PE internships at Shift4Good SLP and Hera Capital.

Milan Malani


Milan Malani is a second-year undergraduate student studying Finance at LSE. He has previously completed a summer internship in equity research at Arya Fin-Trade and currently serves as a financial analyst at VNCNTHYPE. 

He is also Head of Marketing at LSESU Entrepreneurs.


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